Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baby Sitter's Club Where Are They Now

As a girl I loved the Baby-Sitter's Club, for those of you not in the know And if not you should be shot, it is a popular series written by Ann M. Martin about girls who run a club and babysit for the kids in their community. Naturally with a group of seven and eight grade girls, hi-jinks ensue. Here is a link to the wiki article if you require more information CLICK ME!

Now I just found out they released all the old TV version of these books on Netflix. They were half an hour each and there was only one season and 13 episodes. I loved these as a child, had them all on VHS (lol) in fact the TV show was much better than that HORRIBLE movie they made in 1995.

So as my ten year old daughter and I watched these I thought about it...Where would these girls be now? They would be in their 30's what happened to them? I looked all over and found a few blogs with speculation and honestly didn't care for the answers written. I found no official statements from the author either...So I decided to write one myself. I am doing all main characters (including Shannon and Logan) but not Abby, cause she sucked and I stopped reading it right after she came on scene. I tried for realistic, when I looked back at my own friends and realized none of us achieved exactly what we set out to after high school I figured adding some tragedy, humor and loss to these girls "lives" would be more accurate.

Everyone always states Kristy is a lesbian, but I find that too obvious. Not all tom boys grow up gay. In my version Kristy went on to attend community college where she graduated with a teaching degree. She stayed in Stoneybrook and decided teaching P.E. wasn’t really her thing so instead she ran for Mayor and won. She has stayed single, has a few dogs and still coaches the Krushers on the weekends; she is also responsible for holding the BSC Reunion every two years.


After finally being diagnosed with a learning disorder Claudia did better in school and was moved back into the grade all her friends were in. Trying to live up to her parents expectations she went to college, but in Oregon, after a semester she dropped out. She then joined the renaissance fair circuit and began selling pewter and crystal jewelry as well and some of her art work. She is currently engaged to another woman who does dried flower arrangements for hair and decor in the stall next to her.

Mallory decided to, also, stay in Stoneybrook, but did attend college getting her Master’s Degree in Library Sciences. She is currently the head librarian at Stoneybrook Middle School and married to her middle school sweet heart Ben, they hooked back up when they met again, he teaches English and Stoneybrook High. They have one son, since Mallory refused to breed like her parents. She also self publishes novels on feeling that traditional publishing houses are not Indie enough for her writing style.


After achieving her goal of becoming a professional ballerina Jessie wound up with Ballet West in SLC Utah. She danced for several years while struggling with an eating disorder. In SLC she met a nice Mormon boy, converted and got married. They are currently on baby number 3 and she teaches ballet in her spare time, never getting her figure back entirely from her first child.

Dawn (FYI this is NICE for me, I HATED Dawn and I’m from California)After high school Dawn attended Humboldt State University, but got knocked up by her boyfriend and dropped out a year in. He ditched her and she never saw him again. She worked at Trader Joes and became anti-vaccine, vegan, super hippie/granola and stayed single. She eventual became a Lay Midwife and in her spare time organizes rallies and protests against animal cruelty and pro the legalization of marijuana.

Stacey married Kristy’s older brother Sam and they moved back to New York, they were divorced within the year and she had to move in with her father. She modeled but had to waitress on the side to supplement her income. Never quite becoming as famous as she wanted she eventually married a man 13 years older than her. After being married for five years the couple decided to have a child and Stacey died during child birth. Her daughter is named Anna (for Anastasia) in her memory.

Mary Anne
Mary Anne and Logan broke up for the final time the summer between 9th and 10th grade. She didn’t date again until college when she decided to give women a try. She graduated with a BS in psychology and moved to Boston. She runs her own practice helping kids who have lost a parent either to death, or abandonment. She still loves cats and has three and is often teased about being a crazy cat lady. She switched back to guys when she met a psychiatrist at a" child development of the middle class" lecture. They are currently married and looking into either surrogacy or adoption since Mary Anne has been diagnosed as sterile.


She attended Princeton and became a lawyer; she married a man of her parent’s choosing and never had children, loving other people’s but being uncomfortable with the idea of pregnancy. She raises, breeds and races horses, instead. After catching her husband cheating and a messy divorce Shannon now keeps several boyfriends all much younger than she is.

He spent the rest of High School devoted to baseball and casually dating. He was given a partial scholarship for baseball to a University in Houston Texas. He was not drafted professionally, but content to graduate with a BS in Business and start his life. He got a job in a call center and eventually rose through the ranks to become the call center manager. He and his live in girlfriend currently are expecting their first child and on weekends he plays in his work’s softball team.
Hope You Enjoyed!